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Music Page

All songs written by Dion Sweatt and arranged by Lockhart.  Copyright 2000.  The songs here are available for free download.  They are in mp3 format and best listened to with MusicMatch.


Angel is about looking at love from both sides, both being with and being without it, and the hope that we all find our eternal soul mate to save us.


Slinky is a love story about a boy and a girl and a girl.  Enough said.

Beside You Tonight

Beside You Tonight is a love song about wanting to spend every waking and sleeping hour with the one of you dreams.  (Let me count the ways)

Let It Shine

Let it Shine is about not hesitating to give your heart to that special person when you know it's right.

When The Lights Go Out

When The Lights Go Out was originally recorded on the Global EZ cd in 1998.  Special thanks to Ron and Decha.


Voyagers was also recorded on the Global EZ cd.  Again, special thanks to Ron and Decha.

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